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Man of Achievement Award
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nominatebutton1The Phi Kappa Theta Foundation Man of Achievement program recognizes Brothers who have risen to prominence in their fields of endeavor. These Brothers not only serve to inspire our members, but serve as a great source of pride for Phi Kappa Theta. The award was established in 1984.

2016 Recipient

moa2016AVince Dooley
  • School: University of Georgia
  • Chapter: Georgia Delta Rho
Pictured Right: Brother Vince Dooley (University of Georgia, ‘A) (second from left), honored with the 2016 Man of Achievement award at the 6th Annual Atlanta Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Reception. Left to right: Jeff Jowdy (University of Georgia, ‘85), Dooley, Rick Maggiore (University of Georgia, ‘68), Kevin Lampe (Western Illinois University, ‘83).

About Brother
Vince Dooley
Taken from the Fall 2016 Temple Magazine
By Gabe Newbern (University of Georgia, '17)

The Phi Kappa Theta Foundation is honored to announce our 2016 Man of Achievement, Vince Dooley (University of Georgia, ‘A). Brother Dooley was initiated as an alumnus in 1966 at the Trappist Monastery in Conyers, GA. This year’s Man of Achievement Reception took place in the melting pot of Atlanta, Georgia with fifteen chapters represented. Vince Dooley is a legend in college football, both for his outstanding achievements on the football field and his strength of character in every aspect of his life. Despite the odds and the adversity given to him during his first few years of coaching, Dooley stayed strong, letting his faith and strength of character guide him to victory.

Vince Dooley saw 25 years as head football coach, and earned the distinction of being the most successful coach in Georgia history. Under his leadership, the Bulldogs had a career record of 201-77-10, making him the 9th coach in NCAA Division I history to win over 200 games. Furthermore, the Dawgs won a national championship in 1980 along with six SEC titles under his direction. He took his teams to 20 bowl games and coached a Heisman Trophy winner (Herschel Walker, 1982), a Maxwell Award Winner (Walker, 1982), an Outland Award Winner (Bill Stanfill, 1968), 40 First Team All-Americans and 10 Academic All-Americans.  Vince Dooley served as head football coach at UGA from December 1963 to Jan. 1, 1989 and as Director of Athletics from 1979-2004, The University of Georgia has since honored Vince Dooley with the dedication of the Vince Dooley Athletic Complex on November 29, 2008. With this, a special statue and a garden were built to commemorate his accomplishments. Truly, his impact on the University of Georgia is felt even today. On this day, however, Vince Dooley was honored not only for his legendary status on the football field but for the honor and conviction with which he has conducted himself throughout his life.

moa2016BVince Dooley was not always as respected as he is today. He earned his place in the hearts and minds of football fans everywhere.  Rick Maggiore’s introduction allowed those present to live through Vince Dooley’s coaching career from a different viewpoint: from a freshman at the University of Georgia the year Vince Dooley was hired. Before his hire, seven of the past nine seasons were losing seasons. Georgia fans were desperate, but the hire of an assistant coach from Auburn University was met with a large dose of skepticism, as noted by Maggiore by the popularity of bumper stickers that read, "Vince Who?” Despite this skepticism, Dooley persevered and proved himself by consistently winning throughout his seasons as head coach. Soon, the bumper stickers disappeared, and he won over the Bulldawg Nation and cemented his legacy.

Dooley’s legacy ultimately stemmed from his work ethic. During his speech, he had a word of advice to those still going through college. "Prepare yourself to be lucky. Prepare yourself to take advantage of opportunity.” This is not saying that one should just wait on their lucky break, but instead, when that lucky break arrives, they should be ready and prepared for it, practiced and ready to take on the opportunity. He also recounted how important hard work is in the process of making something great. "It takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to get spectacular results,” Dooley remarked. Many hard, thankless hours went into every single game, but their results are what truly indicate the amount of time spent beforehand to perfect his craft.

In the words of David Bing, an All-American at Syracuse, Pro Basketball Player and Mayor of Detroit, Dooley urged us all to remember "the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” Ultimately, it is up to the individual to hone his skillset in such a way that he can take advantage of the opportunities that will inevitably be presented to him. Dooley considers himself lucky to have received his title of head coach, and was prepared to do all that he could to succeed, and, in doing so, cemented himself as one of the legends of football history.

To experience the reception in full and to hear the full speech of our 2016 Man of Achievement:

Past Recipients (download more information on these recipients below)

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  • 1985: Paul DeLuca (CCNY, ‘50), James Graugnard (LSU, ‘43)
  • 1984: Edward "Easy” Macauley (Saint Louis, ‘49), Samuel B. Casey, Jr. (Penn State, ‘50), C.J. "Jim Ethier (WPI, ‘36)

Man of Achievement/Excellence Recipients

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The Phi Kappa Theta Foundation Man of Achievement program began in 1984 (formerly Man of Excellence) to recognize those Brothers who have risen to prominence in their fields of endeavor. These Brothers not only serve to inspire our members but serve as a great source of pride for Phi Kappa Theta.
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2016 Man of Achievement - Vince Dooley PDF (173.79 KB)  more ] Administration 11/15/2016
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