Why Asana?

  • See all of your chapter's requirements to the National Fraternity.
  • ASANA can be used during chapter meetings.
  • Assign tasks to members (i.e. Dues assigned to Treasurer).
  • Create due dates to ensure timely completion.
  • Track your progress in real time.
  • Directly communicate with members about individual tasks.
  • Add your own tasks or projects.
  • With ASANA, tasks are more likely to be followed through.

Your chapter president will be invited via email. Once he creates an account, he can invite other members to join the team.

If you need assistance email our Director of Finance and Operations, Sarah Everhart.


"Asana kept us on track and gave us a good itemized list of things to accomplish. Definitely made the chartering process easier to have a visual on where our progress was!"

Michael Hess
University of Wisconsin, '16


"I truly believe that utilizing Asana streamlined our processes and also made it easier to see what we needed to do at specific points throughout the year. I would highly recommend Asana to any of the other Chapters."

Andrew Brittenham
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, '15



Q: What is Asana?

A: ASANA allows your team to work together effortlessly. Build projects, assign tasks, and get work done.

Q: Why do we need Asana?

A: It's tough to keep track of your national requirements. ASANA centralizes everything and allows you to assign tasks to individual members.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It's free! However, if you want more than 15 members, you'll have to upgrade to the paid version.

Q: How many users can we have?

A: Up to 15 members per chapter. Want more? You'll have to upgrade to the paid version.

Q: Is this program connected to Achieve?

A: Not directly. However, you can track the progress in ASANA and manually input it into Achieve.

Q: Should we connect alumni and advisers to ASANA?

A: Absolutely! It will allow them to track your progress and help out when needed.

Q: Can the Executive Office access our chapter's Asana?

A: Yes, our user profile is the Phi Kappa Theta Support, or PS. This allows us to provide assistance and track your progress.

Q: Can we create our own Asana projects?

A: Absolutely! The program could help your chapter in other areas. Just be sure to keep up with the Chapter Operations!