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Closing Dinner (Saturday, July 27th)
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Chapters Attending Convention

  1. Arizona State UNIVERSITY*

    1. Nicolas Pacioni - Resolutions Committee

    2. Vivek Ravi - Constitution Committee

  2. Belmont Abbey college

    1. Johnny Hohenstein (‘12)

  3. Bridgewater State University*

    1. Carter Barnickel - Ritual Committee

    2. Michael Dwyer - Resolutions Committee

  4. Case Western reserve UNIVERSITY*

    1. Aaron Mann - Resolutions Committee

  5. City College of NEw York

    1. Greg Stein (‘70) - Foundation Board Trustee Emeritus

  6. Colorado State UNIVERSITY*

    1. Isaac Krapes - Ritual Committee

  7. Duquesne University*

    1. Ross Aguliar - Ritual Committee

    2. Nick Cipriano - UGAC - Resolutions Committee

    3. Dustin Coccia (‘07) - Foundation Board Trustee

    4. Allen Hofmann (‘10)

  8. Eastern Illinois UNIVERSITY*

    1. Noah Carroll - Ritual Committee

    2. Jacob Holthoff - Resolutions Committee

    3. Allen Potter (‘17) - Constitution Committee

    4. Cameron Wettig - Constitution Committee

  9. Fairfield University

    1. James Lombard (‘65) - Grand Chapter

  10. GEORGIA (University of)

    1. Carter Black (‘13) - Grand Chapter (Guest: Nona Black)

    2. Jeff Jowdy (‘83) - Foundation Board Chairman

  11. Georgia institute of Technology*

    1. Bradley Argauer - Resolutions Committee

    2. William Bateman (‘01) - Foundation Board Trustee

    3. Rian Baxter - Constitution Committee

    4. Joseph Cantatore - Ritual Committee

    5. Christopher Wang - Ritual Committee

  12. Hofstra University*

    1. Jared Candelaria - Constitution Committee


    1. Wally Kronzer (‘76) - Foundation Board Treasurer

    2. Cameron Smith (‘78) - Foundation Board Trustee Emeritus

    3. Tony Zinnante (‘62) - Foundation Board Trustee Emeritus

  14. Illinois (university of)*

    1. Cody Hoshell - Constitution Committee

    2. Jacob Park - Resolutions Committee

  15. Iowa State UNIVERSITY*

    1. Charlie Burke - Ritual Committee

    2. Bryce Frey - Constitution Committee

  16. Kansas State university*

    1. Doug Dilling (‘84) - Fraternity Board Treasurer - Resolutions Committee (Guest: Jeremy Musko)

    2. Jared Grieve - Fraternity Board UGAC Chairman - Ritual Committee

    3. Stephen Hollander (‘82) - Foundation Trustee/Grand Chapter

  17. Lewis University

    1. Joseph Przybyla (‘01) - Fraternity Board Candidate - Credential Committee

  18. louisiana at lafayette (University of)

    1. Keith Morel - UGAC - Credentials Committee

    2. Brandon Stelly - Constitution Committee

    3. Ross Walters (‘02) - Fraternity Board Vice President - Constitution Committee

  19. Louisiana state university

    1. Mike Callais (‘84) - Foundation Board Trustee (Guest: Blanche Callais)

  20. missouri (university of)

    1. Ted Hellman (‘71)

  21. Missouri university of Science & Technology*

    1. Peter Holtmann - Resolutions Committee

    2. Dawson Nettleton - Ritual Committee

  22. national at large

    1. Gabe Dunbar

    2. Sidney Williams

  23. Nebraska (university of)*

    1. Jacob Baumert - Constitution Committee

    2. Cameron Downey - Ritual Committee

    3. Josh Froeschl - Resolutions Committee

    4. Cole Jedlicka - Constitution Committee

    5. Robert Matya - Ritual Committee

    6. Brendon Owens - Constitution Committee

    7. Caston Stack (‘17) - Resolutions Committee

    8. Jacob Sullivan - Resolutions Committee

    9. Jeb Vavak - Resolutions Committee

    10. Ian Woolway - Constitution Committee

  24. New Hampshire (University of)

    1. Daniel Bureau (‘95) - Fraternity Board Trustees - Constitution Committee

  25. Nicholls state University

    1. Jerry Traigle (‘87) - Foundation Board Trustee/Grand Chapter

  26. Northern Illinois university*

    1. Trent Harshbarger - Ritual Committee

    2. Steven Raju - Constitution Committee

  27. Penn State university*

    1. Daniel Corcoran - Ritual Committee

    2. Christian Dellavella - Constitution Committee


    1. Bob Gozdecki (‘73)

    1. Stephen Palmer (‘78)

  29. Rensselaer Polytechnic INSTITUTE*

    1. Neil Patel - Resolutions Committee

    2. Robert Riggs (‘02)

    3. Michael Van Poots (‘96) - Fraternity Board Trustees - Resolutions Committee

    4. Cody Waldecker - Constitution Committee


    1. Max Jasper (‘11) - Credentials Committee (Guest: Alexandra Jasper)


    1. Cody Barbo (‘12) - Outstanding Young Alumnus Award Winner

    2. Leo Carillo

    3. Raymond Wu (‘11)

  32. Seton Hall university*

    1. Carl Hakansson - Constitution Committee

    2. Jared Tuazon - Ritual Committee

    3. Nick Scalera (‘63) - Grand Chapter

  33. Slippery Rock University

    1. Eugene Ney (90) - Foundation Board Trustee

  34. St. Francis university*

    1. William Guzic - Resolutions Committee

    2. Ryan Maucierei - Ritual Committee


    1. Gerald Mossinghoff (‘57) - Man of Achievement (Guest: Jeanne Mossinghoff)

  36. South Dakota (university of)*

    1. Devon Miller - Ritual Committee

    2. Ian Rice - Resolutions Committee

  37. TEXAS at Austin (UNIVERSITY OF)

    1. Rudy Colmenero (‘86)

    2. Adrian Gonzalez (‘78) - Fraternity Board President - Ritual Committee (Guest: Monica Gonzalez)

    3. Diego Lugo

    4. Oscar Sanchez

    5. Jonathon Sandoval

    6. Alex Zepeda

  38. TEXAS A & I university

    1. Manny Gonzalez (‘82) - Foundation Board Trustee (Guest: Lucinda Gonzalez)

    2. Mike Gonzalez (‘74)

    3. Luther Luera (‘75)

    4. Blas Oritz (‘72)

    5. Danny Saenz (‘74)


    1. Patricio Barrera (‘87)

    2. Jamie Alaniz (Alumnus)

  40. Trine university*

    1. Drew Clark - Fraternity Board UGAC Vice Chairman - Credentials Committee

    2. Tristen McMillen - Ritual Committee

    3. Avery Taylor - Resolutions Committee

    4. Seth Ware (‘13) - Credentials Committee


    1. David Bjerke (

  42. Washington State university*

    1. Isaiah Adona (‘12)

    2. Chase Barbre - Resolutions Committee

    3. Justin Binkley - Constitution Committee

    4. Wade Henderson (‘95) (Board Candidate) - Grand Chapter

    5. Dylan Leer - Ritual Committee

    6. Jack Marquard - Resolutions Committee


    1. Dennis Gullo (‘91) - Foundation Board Trustee

    2. Kevin Lampe (‘79) - Foundation Board Trustee/Grand Chapter (Guest: Kitty Kurth)

    3. Greg Wooters (‘79) - Grand Chapter (Guest: Laura Wooters)

  44. worcester polytechnic institute

    1. Anthony Cangello (‘14) - Ritual Committee

    2. Nathan Charles - Resolutions Committee

    3. Michael Corace - Constitution Committee

    4. Matt Runkle (‘11) - Resolutions Committee (Guest: Blair Clarkson)

    5. Adam Wilbur (‘06)

* Chapters have pre-paid. You can find your discount registration code in your Spring 2019 Asana Code. Enter that code upon checkout to waive the registration fee. Remember: this prepaid registration includes all meals and hotel accommodations but does not include travel.

Fraternity Board Nominations

Here is the the Board Development Committee Report

Taken from Phi Kappa Theta’s Constitution & Bylaws:


Section 1.        International Board of Trustees

a)     The International Board of Trustees shall consist of eight (8) Alumni members in good standing, four (4) elected for overlapping terms at each regularly called and constituted International Convention for a term of four (4) years; and two (2) undergraduate members.  The undergraduate members shall be elected for a term of two (2) years and be selected from and by the Undergraduate Advisory Committee.  If an undergraduate trustee leaves the University or Chapter for any reason other than graduation, he shall automatically tender his resignation to the International President, and the seat shall be filled as provided for in Article V. Section 3 (g).  If any Trustee is absent from three or more required meetings without being excused by the International President or his designee, that Trustee shall automatically tender his resignation to the International President.

b)    The Board shall select from its own members, one who shall act as Chairman and who shall preside over its meetings.

c)     The Board of Trustees, unless receiving written consent to the contrary from at least three quarters (3/4) of its membership, shall hold at least two meetings each year.

d)    Members of the International Board of Trustees may serve a maximum of three consecutive full terms, after which they shall be ineligible to succeed themselves.

e)    Executive Committee. The International Board of Trustees may designate certain members to constitute an Executive Committee to act for, in behalf of and in the stead of the Board of Trustees, at such time that the Board is not in session, and in the interim between such sessions.  The Executive Committee shall consist of, at a minimum, the International President, the International Vice President, the International Treasurer, and an undergraduate member of the International Board of Trustees.  The Executive Committee shall have such duties as designated in the Policies.

Section 5.        Board Development Committee 

a)     Committee Members.  Within thirty (30) day of the conclusion of the International Convention, the Committee will be appointed by the International President, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee. The Committee shall consist of at least four (4) alumni members who are not trustees. One of the Alumni members shall be designated as Chairman of the Committee and he shall canvass the eligible candidates for the vacancies on the International Board of Trustees to be elected at the Convention.

b)    Nominees.  The Committee shall cause nominations for vacancies on the Board to be submitted by any member of the fraternity in good standing at least four (4) months prior to the opening of the International Convention. Recommendations of the Committee shall not be considered unless all Collegiate and Alumni Chapters have been given the opportunity to participate.

c)     Alumnus Nominees.  The Chairman of the Committee, with the three (3) other alumni members, shall thereafter review the credentials of all who are to be considered for alumni positions on the Board of Trustees.  They will then confer and decide on nominees for the alumni vacancies on the Board of Trustees, so that this list can be sent to all convention delegates at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the Convention.

Legislative Changes

Constitution and bylaws

Changes to the Fraternity’s Constitution and Bylaws require a 3/4 vote from a Convention.

Proposed change to: Article IV. Legislation, Section 4. Nominations and Elections


Changes to the Fraternity’s Rituals (Arcana) require a 3/4 vote from a Convention.

Proposed changes to:

  1. The Graduating Senior Ceremony 1 of 2

  2. The Graduating Senior Ceremony 2 of 2

Board Decisions

View the actions of the Board since the 61st Biennial Convention:

  1. June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018

  2. June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019