Diligence Lab and Phi Kappa Theta have partnered to provide you with a technology solution designed to leverage your social media in order to help identify employment opportunities that are custom tailored to your distinct personality. Read below to learn more.

Log on now to scrub your social media and prepare to launch your job search! Please use your .EDU email address when signing up.

Education’s personality prediction capabilities have been independently tested and validated by Robert Pulvermacher, Ph.D. of ACT Testing.

54% of hiring managers have admitted to not hiring candidates due to problematic social media content.

+ Scrub Your Social Media

With a single click of a button, Diligence Lab identifies the problematic social media content that may impair your ability to obtain meaningful employment.

According to a CareerBuilder survey of 2,400 hiring managers, 70% screen social media posts of their prospective employees. Education identifies problematic social media content so that you can clean up your profiles before interviewing for jobs.

18.8% of recent college graduates were unable to secure full time employment and 41.5% of full time employed recent college graduates are working in jobs that do not require college degrees.

+ Connecting Jobseekers with Opportunities

Diligence Lab’s Eduction software helps connect jobseekers with jobs they are well suited for. In 20 seconds, Education uses natural language processing, machine learning and the power of IBM Watson to read through students’ social media posts.

You’ll get a statistically significant personality profile that matches you with employment opportunities.*

Most young professionals are not happy at work; the average employment duration for 20-24 year olds is 1.3 years.

+ The Future is Yours

Once Diligence Labs recruits a critical mass of student users, we will help employers identify the key personality traits common among their high performers. Then, these employers will be linked to the college students in our database who exhibit the personality attributes that work well within each company’s unique corporate culture.

This will help better match jobseekers with opportunities where they can flourish. Currently students have to work to find opportunities. In the near future, Education will help opportunities find students.