PKT Alamo Alumni Association Fund

Balance as of December 31, 2018: $6,147.00
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Members of the PKTAAA.

Members of the PKTAAA.

These funds can be used by the Phi Kappa Theta Alamo Alumni Association to:

  • Fund charitable and educational activities of the Chapter or Fraternity.

    • Regional Leadership Conferences

    • Leadership Institute

    • Educational Immersion Experiences

  • Provide need-based or merit-based scholarship grants to individual brothers.

  • Help defray costs associated with constructing, renovating, or equipping the exclusively educational portions of the chapter house.

Phi Kappa Theta Alamo Alumni Association- A Non-Profit Organization

The ALAMO, was a bastion of TEXAS Independence against overwhelming odds, 257 heroes against over 1500 Mexican soldiers. The cry of “Remember the Alamo” is known to all Texans and Texan immigrants as a remembrance of the massacre that happened in SAN ANTONIO, 1836, and led to Texas becoming the Republic of Texas, for 9 years prior to being invited to join the USA.

The PKT ALAMO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION picked this name to make it known, by association, that we are in the San Antonio area and, like the Alamo defenders, were up against overwhelming odds when we started. We had no local undergraduate chapter to support, draw from, mentor, just a loose confederation of PKT alumni brothers from different universities that became active in volunteer work and helping Texas based PKT undergraduate chapters. Our late brother Chuck Herrera (University of Missouri, ‘71), had 8th generation roots from an Alamo defender. Our Educational Fund donations will honor him and promote the educational aspects of our PKTAAA goals.