Are you about to graduate? Looking for that perfect job opportunity? Need Help?

The Phi Kappa Theta Career Guide is a customized resource for collegiate members to create top-notch resumes, prepare for stand-out interviews and sell their "Greek experience” to future employers.

The Career Guide was created in partnership with Brad Karsh and JobBound: America’s Career Experts*. JobBound is the leading career consulting company for fraternity and sorority members.

If you are a brother in good standing, and would like a copy of the Phi Kappa Theta Career Guide, contact the Executive Office below.

*JobBound has worked with thousands of fraternity and sorority members nationwide to help them revitalize their resume, make the right connections, and land a job. They’ve been featured on CNN, CNBC, and Dr. Phil, and used as a trusted source dozens of times for USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many more.

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