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How Will You Leave Your Imprint?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Phi Kappa Theta Creates New Initiative

By Ryan Brock
Metonymy Media

templespring17Six months ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Fraternity President, Larry Dorocke (Purdue University, ‘68) and Executive Vice President, Robert Riggs (RPI, ‘02) to talk about the future of the Fraternity.”

In that interview, the two of them shared how the Fraternity recognized it needed to exist for something bigger than itself. They shared how there was an opportunity to make a difference in the world, and how that should be the goal. I remember walking away from that interview, wondering how a social fraternity was going to pull that off.

I had asked myself that question six months ago. Earlier this month, I caught up with the Fraternity’s Executive Vice President, Robert Riggs, to revisit the question, how would the Fraternity put the idea of making a difference in the world into practice? His response, The Imprint Initiative.

Q: Where did the idea for the Imprint Initiative originate?

templespring17We’re doing this now because we need to be impactful. We need to do something more than just exist. Phi Kappa Theta wants to create more servant leaders and so we thought, how do we build programs and conferences that do just that? Inspiring our collegiate members and giving them the tools to become effective servant leaders is so important to us. In the first year of this being our focus we want to inspire and empower 10% of our members to reach this goal. We want to see how people can imprint their passions on the world around them because even though we might not be able to change the whole world, we can certainly change the world around us.

Q: There are two umbrellas over the Imprint Initiative: Inspire and Empower. Can you tell us more about each of those?

Inspire is about finding out first, who you are and what your talents are. How can you create real solutions that imprint the world in a positive way? This part is about helping us recognize who is WILLING to ask these questions of themselves. Imprint is one part online community, one part immersion experience, and it’s all about seeking out individuals ready to be inspired and ready to take that inspiration out into the world and use it to empower others.

The bridge between inspire and empower is where we give tips and tricks for people interested in starting their own journey—appetizers, if you will. For example, if they’re reading about Taylor Loutsis (Arizona State University, ‘15) in Project Minembwe doing international work and they express interest, we want to give them support in how they can do it for themselves. The same goes for if they follow Sean Guardian (San Diego State University, ‘14), featured in the Spring 2016 Temple magazine, who’s doing volunteer work around the world or Edgar Guerrero (University of Texas at Austin, ‘16) and his mentoring initiative through Community for Education. Our goal is to give immediate takeaways that lead to self-empowerment, which can grow into empowering others.

The next step is the very specific program we’re building around these guiding missions. We have a three-phase immersive program combining learning more from experts, surrounding yourself with like-minded peers, and engaging interested people in workshops and assessments to understand their personal values, talents and mission. In the end, we want to strengthen people’s ability to impact the world around them. As people go through the journey, we’re here to tell their stories, spread that inspiration, grow a larger audience; continue this cycle.

Q: What are you trying to accomplish beyond the Fraternity?

If we’re hoping to have 10% of our collegiate students active in this initiative, then 150 people is our number for engagement. But in five to ten years, I envision a whole community of people willing to tackle these important issues. We could envision companies, communities and others coming to the Imprint Initiative and saying, "We have this problem we can’t find a solution for. Can you help?” Then our network of individuals who want to change the world, our ‘Imprinters’, can go to work on a sustainable solution--whether, that solution be a new company, a non-profit, a program or an awareness campaign, our members will leave their Imprint on the world.

Not to mention, we’ll have hundreds if not thousands of people who have gone through this program and now lead a more meaningful life. We hope that this translates into how they interact with everyone in their daily life. If we can encourage people towards leading a life with purpose, we’ll feel beyond ecstatic. In the future, we want this to go further than just Phi Kappa Theta. Multiple companies and organizations can become part of this drive to impact the world around them.

Learn more about the Imprint Initiative at

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