A.P.R.E.S. Ski

RPI Alumni Brothers Create Event Subsidies Program

by Justin Sines
Duquesne University, ‘11

The Board of Trustees of the New York Sigma Chapter at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created an Alumni Program for Regional Event Subsidies, or A.P.R.E.S. Ski, to help establish and fund alumni programing for graduated RPI brothers and their families. With the creation of this four year pilot program, members of the RPI Alumni chapter hope to establish a strong and engaged alumni base.

Brother David Fogg (RPI, ‘00) states that APRES Ski “incentivizes brothers to organize events in their areas by removing the financial burden of event costs.” He believes that by creating more alumni social opportunities, not just in the New York region but across the country, that his brothers will continue to be connected to and value the Fraternity and be more inclined to “Give, Expecting Nothing Thereof.” APRES Ski founders also hope that they can use this momentum to create a series of annual or recurrent events outside of the Troy, NY area and ultimately increase total annual donations.

Event logo from 1996.

Since the unveiling of the program in May 2018, they have already exhausted the first allotment of semi-annual funding. Within the first few months, events have been held in Boston, MA, Newport, RI, Portland, OR, and the San Diego area, with a regional Alumni Weekend in Austin, TX and a pledge class reunion for the class of ’96 scheduled in the upcoming months. The program is forecasted to see an increase of 50% attendance to alumni chapter sponsored events over its first year.

The pilot program is funded through the Board of Trustee’s Alumni Chapter General Fund, and Fogg believes this to ‘represent an investment in ourselves.’ A four year commitment to the pilot program provides stability until the program becomes established. Members of the Alumni Chapter trust that the program will continue to be funded by alumni donations, whether to the general fund or via ear-marked donations to APRES Ski. Fogg states, that “based on the early success, we expect alumni to continue their enthusiastic support of the program.”

The APRES Ski program hopes to increase brother participation in Alumni-sponsored events, and create a larger group of alumni who continually participate in those activities.

Brothers interested in sponsoring events in their areas can find additional information and applications on the NY Sigma Chapter website: pktskilodge.org/apres-ski, or contact the program administrators at apres_ski@pktskilodge.org

The Chapter is known on campus as “The Ski Lodge”. Après is French and means “after”, so although A.P.R.E.S. is an acronym for “Alumni Program for Regional Event Subsidies”, the name A.P.R.E.S. Ski means “After Ski”, or how brothers become alumni after the Ski lodge. Brotherhood extends past the time spent as a collegiate member in college.