Assess and Prioritize Online - DUE 10/1

STEP ONE FOR ACHIEVE IS NOW PASSED DUE! If your chapter has not submitted this form, you may submit it with Step 2 (due 10/31).

Utilize this online form to submit both your chapter's assessment in each area of development.

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List the college or university of your chapter (Indiana University)
Step1: Prioritize and Assess
For each are of development, identify the current developmental culture of the chapter for that specific category (1 - lowest, 10 - highest).
Rate the chapter's culture in servant leadership.
Rate the chapter's culture in alumni engagement, AM education, brotherhood & recruitment.
Rate the chapter's culture in academic support and teaching life skills.
Rate the chapter's culture in developing socially confident men who passionately serve society. Service includes community service, civic engagement and philanthropic initiatives.
Rate the chapter's culture in executing Ritual and helping members find their purpose in life.