I understand that as treasurer of my Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta, I have an obligation to perform the duties of my office, as stated in the National Constitution of Phi Kappa Theta, justly, fairly, and to the best of my ability. This involves, but is not limited to the following:


  1. Collecting of all monies from initiates and associate members for room, board, dues, fees and assessments promptly and without any partiality;
  2. Taking vigorous action to prevent any brother or associate member from becoming delinquent in his account;
  3. Following up on delinquent accounts with whatever actions is necessary, including, but not limited to, suspension and removal of social privileges; Note: Your local constitution should have a clause, which automatically suspends a member if he owes the chapter X dollars for a period of more than 30 days unless a payment schedule is worked out by yourself and the member.
  4. Alerting the chapter or appropriate authority within the chapter when it becomes apparent that the budget is not in balance, whether because of a decrease in income or because of unexpected expenses, so that the situation may be remedied either by reducing expenses or increasing dues or assessments to bring the budget into balance.


  1. Dispersing the money collected, except for associate member fees and initiations fees, in strict accord with the approved budget.
  2. Keeping separate from the general funds of the chapter, all associate member fees and initiation fees which must be collected prior to the association or initiation ceremony, and remitting those fees (including associate member insurance fees) to the Fraternity Executive Offices in Carmel, IN within 10 days of the association or initiation ceremony, with the understanding that any other use of those fees constitutes a misappropriation of funds. Note: When either forms or fees are not mailed in together within the 10 day period, your chapter is liable for a $10 fine per associate member or initiate.
  3. Paying promptly the semi-annual national meeting assessment of $325 on October 1st and February 1st of each year. This assessment is to defray some of the costs involved with the Biennial Convention and Leadership Institute.
  4. Paying promptly the semi-annual national meeting assessment of $240 on October 1st and February 1st of each year. (Different and separate from the chapter assessment.)
  5. Paying promptly the semi-annual billing for per capita and UGAC fees on November 15th and April 1st. Each chapter will be billed $69 per initiate for per capita and $1.00 per initiate for UGAC for everyone listed as a member as of October 15th and March 1st.
  6. Paying promptly the semi-annual billing for insurance in October 15th and March 1st of each year. The cost is approximately $144.00 average per man per semester (associates and initiates).

I have read and agree to the obligation of my duties and will perform them to the best of my ability. *
Undergraduate Advisory Senator: http://www.phikaps.org/chaptersandcolonies