COACHING: A new way to serve.

In order to serve our collegiate chapters in a more direct fashion, Phi Kappa Theta officially rolled out its new coaching initiative in January 2019.

Phase one of this roll out began with 11 Performance Coaches. These trained alumni members serve two to three chapters a piece and work directly with chapter leadership teams. Performance Coaches (PCs) deal directly in areas of operations, chapter culture, and problem solving.

Join the Recruitment Coaching Team

Phase two of the PKT Coaching model is currently underway. We hope to find the cream of the crop to serve as Recruitment Coaches. These alumni and friends of Phi Kap will be trained this July at Convention 2019 by the leading recruitment specialty team Phired Up.

Well-qualified brothers will be individuals who have great verbal communication skills, know how to pitch Phi Kap well, and are eager to give back to the Fraternity.
Fill out an application to the right!

All-expenses paid training will take place in Austin, TX July 25 - 28.
Travel, hotel, meals, and Convention 19 registration included.

Please be prepared to attend Convention at the time of application


For questions and more information contact The Director of Chapter Operations, Johnny hohenstein.


How many spots are there on the Recruitment Coaching team?
Ideally, we’er looking fo about 10 volunteers to serve in this capacity.

What are the perks / benefits?
This is a long-term volunteer (LTV) role with the Fraternity. Perks will include occasional travel stipends when necessary, advanced transferrable skills in communication and team-building, the ability to give back to Phi Kap, and top-notch training from Phired Up Productions. For more information, you can download our Position Description.

Should I go ahead and register for Convention 2019?
Individuals selected to join the Recruitment Coaching team will receive complimentary registration for Convention. So if your priority is attending, go ahead and register and we can reimburse you later. But remember, there are select spots on the team; if you don’t get selected then registration, hotel, and travel costs are on your own. If you are selected, we’ll take care of everything for you.