Start a Chapter

Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity emphasizes the importance of combining leadership experience and spiritual development with brotherhood. Starting a chapter of Phi Kap is not an easy task, but the challenge is well worth the reward: the experience of a lifetime, memories to go with it, and the legacy left for members to follow in your footsteps.


Colonizing is the term used for a group that is learning to be come a full-fledged Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta. Starting a new group of Phi Kaps (or colonizing) allows new members to carve out their own niche on campus.  From the very beginning, individuals who mirror our mission and vision of passionately serving society, Fraternity, and God have the chance to impact the community around them while growing into authentic leaders.

Phi Kappa Theta is exploring new communities where our Mission and Ideals can grow. One driven person can help build an entire chapter that can develop college men for decades. If you believe in building something historic and meaningful, simply fill out the form below. Someone from our Executive Staff will be in contact with you shortly to determine next steps!

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