Chapter Event

Northern Arizona 50th Anniversary

Dear Fraternity Brothers, Families and Friends,

We have completed plans for Phi Kappa Theta Fifty (50)+ years Reunion on Friday Oct., 26th, Saturday, 27th and Sunday (leaving), 28th 2018.

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to renewing our close fraternal bonds at Arizona State College or Northern Arizona University, whichever has the most meaning for you. The close fraternal bonds, the opportunity to be a part of small campus college life, the period of becoming a young man, while pursuing our educational goals, was a very magical time in our lives for all of our brothers, significant other, and friends. Much time has passed, but the relationships and memories have continued to bring gladness in our lives. For some there has been marriage, children, grandchildren, careers, good times and some not so good times. However, wonderful experiences of being a Phi Kappa Theta brother and the lasting relationship formed will never be forgotten. This will again be our opportunity to look back at those wonderful years in our lives with great fondness with our Brothers that made this a special time in our lives possible.

Our desire is to bring our Brothers together as well as their significant other, and share some of these great memories, stories and experiences of fraternity life in the past, while sharing our plans for the future. Your attendance and participation in the 2018 reunion will make this reunion a very special and unforgettable time in all of our lives.

In the interest of sharing the experience of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity life with a new generation of young college men, we have asked Father Lowry, Chaplain of the Newman Center and his guest to join our 50+ Reunion celebration and determine the feasibility and interest of recolonizing the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta at NAU.

Logistical information including lodging, conference room, breakfast, dinner, buffet and football tickets (20 and 40 yard line seats) are detailed within attachment “A”. A donation of $80.00 per person is recommended, which defers the cost of a buffet, dinner and incidentals. Pls. provide your reimbursement by 9/30/2018 to Larry Barman, 647 Alta Way, Laguna Beach, California, 92651. The excitement is building for the 2018 Phi Kappa Theta reunion, and a fabulous time for all who are able to attend.


  • Friday (10/26/2018):

    • 3:30 PM: Registration @ Hilton Garden Inn - Please see attachment “A” for particulars and address.

    • 4 PM - 5:30 PM: Welcome Desk near lobby.

    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Old Student Union Building on Campus - Buffet of Hors d’oeuvres served in the lounge area of “Old Student Union Building” Please see attachment “A” for particulars.

    • 8:00 PM – 11 PM: Reacquaint yourself with your brothers and friends from the past, while coming back to our roots at ASC (now NAU).

      • Bring pictures, stories, college year book of fraternity life, brothers, friends and events during College life @ ASC.

  • Saturday (10/27/06)

    • 8:45 AM – 10:30 AM: Meet in the “Old Student Union Building” for Breakfast. Also, traditionally this has been a location were Alumni from past years have met before Homecoming Parade.

    • 10:45 AM – 12 Noon: View Homecoming Parade in “temporary stands” immediately opposite and North of “Old Student Union”

    • 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM: “University Tailgate Party” located south side of “Dome”. Informal and leisurely walk, while meeting students and friends from the past. Optional

    • 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM: Football Game between NAU Lumberjacks and Cal Poly.

    • 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM: Dinner/banquet (casual attire)

      • Dinner @ 1899 Bar & Grille located in “Old Student Union” Building. Pls. see attachment “A” for address.

      • After Dinner, gather in lounge area of restaurant within “Old Student Union Building”.

        • Introduction of Special Guest:

          • Father Matt Lowry, Newman Club Chaplain

          • Father Dan, Newman Club

          • Introduce four young men from Newman Center

          • Ms. Christina Wirth, Newman Center Dev. Dir.

          • Brother Robert Riggs Executive Vice-President of PKT National, or Delegate from PKT

        • Special tribute to known bothers that are deceased.

          • Father Lowry will lead Brothers/Guests in Special Invocation

        • Each Brothers will say a few words (year graduated, location of home, hobby/interest, and introduce significant others and guest.

        • Ms. Christina Wirth will give a short update of Plans for the Newman Center

      • Each Brother will share a story and experiences about a fellow brother/fraternity life @ ASC, or NAU

      • Determine interest for a possible next Reunion.

  • Sunday (10/28/18)

    • 10:30 AM: Mass @ the Newman Center

    • 12 Noon: Breakfast @ TBD location

      • Say “so long”, but not “good by”, until our next Reunion…It’s great to be a Phi Kappa Theta Brother and Lumberjack!

Raise your spirits—and your glasses—to the 50+ Anniversary of Phi Kappa Theta Alpha Omicron Chapter Fraternity Reunion. Join your fraternity Brothers and college friends at Northern Arizona University for the time of your life. That a promise!

UPDATE: We have upgraded our Buffet and banquet area on Friday to be located at the 1899 Lounge within the “Old Student Union Building”. Also, we will be utilizing the same 1899 lounge on Saturday for our Reunion get together immediately after Dinner. We have provided updated detailed information in regards to location of buffet, attendees, added guests and agenda for Friday and Saturday. Updated attachments listing said changes are highlighted in yellow. Please review the list of attendees and if we have missed someone who may be interested in attending the PKT Reunion, please send their contact information to Steve Bojorques, or Larry Barman and we will certainly follow up.

All accommodation, buffet, dinner, football game tickets and banquet space has now been reserved. However, if you have not made your reservation with the Hilton Garden Inn, you have 2 days (9/25) remaining to make your reservation before the per day lodging cost increases from $129.00 plus taxes to $180.00 plus taxes. Plsease call Hilton @ 928-226-8888 referencing PKT Reunion to make your reservation. Also, pls. call Hallee Codiga referencing PKT Reunion 928-523-0639 to make reservation for the football game. Making reservation early will ensure availability of rooms and football tickets (40 yard line please), while capturing the best prices.

Your Brothers in Phi Kappa Theta Alpha,

Steve Bojorquez (Northern Arizona University, ‘66)
Rudy Navarro (Northern Arizona University, ‘63)
Larry Barman (Northern Arizona University, ‘64)

Case Western Reserve University Homecoming 2018


Join us at the Phi Kappa Theta house this Homecoming weekend

“Case Western Reserve University Homecoming 2018 is just a few weeks away, and we’re hoping you’ll make time to visit us at the Phi Kappa Theta house. We’ll be hosting a cookout for you, your family, and friends on Saturday, October 13th, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Come by any time to grab some food, meet the active brothers and new members, see house improvements, and catch up with your fellow alumni. We’ll also have t-shirts available with a donation so you can show off your chapter pride.”