Phi Kappa Theta's Strategic Framework is encompassed by our Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategy and Tactics.



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Phi Kappa Theta actively develops men to be effective leaders who passionately serve society, Fraternity and God.

Phi Kappa Theta's Mission

The establishment of a clear Mission has provided Phi Kappa Theta with a Vision for the future.

Below you will find a short presentation that shares how Phi Kappa Theta utilizes its Mission to guide its members in how they live on a daily basis, its Vision to keep us focused on our desired future and how our Strategic Plan makes our Vision our reality.



Phi Kappa Theta will be known as the premier human development organization inspiring confidence through life experiences.

Phi Kappa Theta's Vision

Our Mission is the core purpose of why Phi Kappa Theta exists. It represents the way in which we behave every day. The Vision is the goal that we are focusing on for the future. If, every day Phi Kappa Theta actively develops men, we will one day be known as the premier human development organization. For Phi Kappa Theta, our Vision was to span ten years. By 2018, our brothers will have the confidence to be successful because we have provided them life experience.

In addition to identifying an overarching Vision, Phi Kappa Theta has broken down each specific area of development with what we will achieve by 2018. We call these specific goals, our End States for each of our five areas of development.

Our Five Areas of Development include the following:

Leadership Development

End State: Phi Kappa Theta actively develops the next generation of business, professional, and civic leaders by providing real world experience. Campus organizations, communities and employers worldwide seek Phi Kappa Theta members because they are ethical, value based, and socially responsible leaders. Phi Kappa Theta leaders are known for their ability to inspire and serve others, takes intelligent risks, and learn from their mistakes. Phi Kappa Theta is recognized as society’s leadership incubator.

Fraternal Development

End State: Phi Kappa Theta is a committed journey of lifelong brotherhood. Phi Kappa Theta maintains its relevance through a valuable network of collegiate and alumni members. Phi Kappa Theta challenges its members to accept responsibility for all Brothers, their communities and society.

Intellectual Development

End State: Phi Kappa Theta attracts intellectually motivated men who share a passion for lifelong knowledge, learning and development. Phi Kappa Theta exceeds retention rates, average GPAs and graduation rates of our host institutions by providing an intellectually stimulating environment and consistent standards of academic performance. Phi Kappa Theta challenges members to maximize their lifelong personal and professional development.

Social Development

End State: Phi Kappa Theta fosters human development through community service and social interaction. Phi Kappa Theta members are socially engaged, recognizing their responsibility to affect positive change in themselves and others. Phi Kappa Theta’s values are demonstrated through the actions of our members, who better their communities as citizens in a global society.

Spiritual Development

End State: Phi Kappa Theta Brothers explore their natural curiosity about spirituality and individual purpose. Phi Kappa Theta’s Ritual is a guide to help men develop spiritually. Phi Kappa Theta embraces its Catholic heritage, welcomes diversity, and embodies the moral values upon which it was established.


See 2018 Goals in ASANA. 12 total.



Utilizing our resources, Phi Kappa Theta will create an organizational culture that is focused on the development of and the service by our brothers. To achieve this, we have established two branded initiatives.

Phi Kappa Theta's Strategy

DevelopMEN Initiative

Through combining our own network of volunteers and professionals with our strategic partners, Phi Kappa Theta creates educational programs, events and activities that provide specific mission aligned learning outcomes. These opportunities are accessible to our brothers utilizing five methods of delivery:

  • Conferences

  • Facilitator Led Workshops

  • Keynotes/Presentations

  • Immersion Experiences

  • Self-Guided Education

(iServe) Initiative

Through their involvement with Phi Kappa Theta's DevelopMEN Initiatives, brothers are more confident and capable of being effective servant leaders. Their leadership is demonstrated through their service to local communities and society as a whole. The Fraternity recognizes their service through involvement in:

  1. Philanthropic Involvement

    1. Phi Kappa Theta

    2. Partner Organizations

  2. Community Involvement/ Impact

    1. Phi Kappa Theta

    2. Partner Organizations

  3. Organizational Involvement (Including Leadership Roles)

  4. Social Solutions/Entrepreneurship

  5. Host Institutions



Refer to the specific details of the strategies. In addition to being specific, they are measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound.

Phi Kappa Theta's Tactics