G.O.L.D. Council

Phi Kappa Theta G.O.L.D. Council welcomes Cody Barbo


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA | Jan 31, 2019 – The Phi Kappa Theta Foundation is pleased to announce Brother Cody Barbo (San Diego State University, ‘12) has been added as a member of the G.O.L.D. Council.

Brother Barbo is an entrepreneur and two-time founder from San Diego, CA. Cody currently serves as Founder/CEO of Trust & Will, the easy, fast and secure way to set up your estate plan online. Cody also serves on the San Diego State University Alumni Board of Advisors.

Barbo formerly served as CEO for Industry, a ‘LinkedIn’ for the service and hospitality industry.

Cody is also the former CEO of Associated Students, a $30M non-profit in San Diego.

It is the mission of the Phi Kappa Theta National Foundation to enhance the quality of the educational, spiritual and fraternal programs of the National Fraternity and its local chapters, by providing funding for those programs, and offering guidance as to their implementation.

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On behalf of Phi Kappa Theta’s graduates of the last decade, this council will serve as ambassadors for and advisors to Phi Kappa Theta Foundation and its elected/appointed leadership.

Phi Kappa Theta is a national fraternity that fosters five areas of development within its membership: leadership, fraternal, intellectual, social, and spiritual. Currently, the Fraternity has 37 active chapters. The mission of Phi Kappa Theta is to actively develop men to be effective leaders who passionately serve society, Fraternity and God.