University of Iowa

Dealing With "Post Charter Syndrome"

by Nicholas Reid
University of Iowa, ‘21

Brother Nicholas Reid (University of Iowa, ‘21) speaking at the Chapters re-chartering on September 28th.

Brother Nicholas Reid (University of Iowa, ‘21) speaking at the Chapters re-chartering on September 28th.


It is the time that every fraternity brother will remember for the rest of their life.

Eighteen of our Iowa Delta brothers were available to experience it for the first time at the Iowa Delta Chartering this past September.

Members were excited, nervous, anxious and overall cold. It was a cold day.

The initiation was an incredible experience, followed by a resound “PHI” Phi Kappa Theta chant.

After the weekend, the greatest question from brothers was, “Where do we go next?”.

Usually, this can cause an infamous “Post Charter Syndrome” where members become relaxed and aren’t as motivated as they used to be. Thankfully, that is not the problem for Iowa Delta. Brothers immediately after the ceremony were asking what they could do to work harder and help better the fraternity.

One of our brothers, Sam Sharp (University of Iowa, ’21), came up to me directly and said, “I want to be more involved and help this Fraternity in any way I can.”

Nicholas Reid (center) with members of the Iowa Delta Chapter, picking up trash in support of CMN.

Members like that, that will do anything for their brothers, are the reason fraternities will never die away. No other organization is able to create a closeness that arises because of Greek life.

As Iowa Delta advances, we hope to not only advance the Fraternity but the University of Iowa. By becoming the ideal gentlemen we are meant to be, we can create a lasting impact on the people around us, hopefully changing their lives for the better.

We are excited to continue this journey, and we hope that all of you continue to keep updated with us on this blog.


About Nicholas:


Brother Reid is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus in Business Management. He is the current Vice President of Fraternal, Recharter Head and Social Media Chair for Phi Kappa Theta Iowa Delta. Nicholas grew up in Peoria, Illinois, attending St. Vincent de Paul grade school and Peoria Notre Dame High School. He was involved and active in many things, including scholastic bowl, numerous sports with his primary being soccer, key club and French Club. Nic also received the Presidental Award, National Honors Society, Old Gold Scholarship and an Illinois State Scholar. He is the first person of his family to move out for college, attend a big 10 school and join Greek life. Knowing nothing of what Greek life is about graduating, Nic has since taken a strong passion towards Phi Kappa Theta and bettering himself, along with his brothers. Nic is also involved in Dance Marathon and Intramural Sports, along with numerous service projects through the Fraternity. In his freetime, he loves to workout, play sports, hunt, fish, play video games and hang out with friends.

Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity Re-Charters Iowa Delta Chapter

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA | October 3, 2018 – Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity has granted a Charter to the Iowa Delta Chapter at the University of Iowa. The Installation Ceremony took place on Saturday, September 29th in Iowa City with University Administration, Board of Trustees Members, and Chapter Brothers.

The Chapter’s rechartering comes after four years of ongoing colonization efforts at The University of Iowa. Earlier this year, the then-colony submitted its Petition to Charter to Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity’s Executive Vice President. Soon after, a call to vote was sent to the governing body of the Fraternity: its Chapters and Board of Trustees. A three-quarters majority needed to be met in order to charter. The motion passed unanimously last month with all votes submitted being in-favor of Iowa Delta’s Installation. Iowa Delta Associate Members were initiated on September 28th, the eve of their Installation.


The Installation Banquet hosted several speakers, who shared well-wishes and congratulations to the Fraternity’s newest Brothers. Among these were members of the University Administration, Iowa Delta Alumni, and Phi Kappa Theta National President Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez (University of Texas Austin, ‘78) ‘presented the new Charter to Chapter President Colton Miller (‘20) alongside National President-Elect Doug Dilling (Kansas State University, ‘84).

The Iowa Delta Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta is currently twenty-one members strong, with numbers expected to grow when Fall Recruitment concludes at the University. The Brothers spent the morning of their Installation Day serving their community at the local Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. The Fraternity has high hopes and expects to see continued growth and success from its newest chapter.

Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity Grants Charter to Iowa Delta – University of Iowa

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA | Aug 27, 2018 – Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity is proud to announce the re-chartering of its Iowa Delta Chapter at The University of Iowa. The Colony’s Installation Ceremony is set for Saturday, September 29th.

The decision was made official on August 23rd, as the 75% minimum of required ballots came from the Fraternity’s governing bodies, including Chapters and the Board of Trustees. Iowa Delta returns to Chartered status after going inactive in 2007. Since then, the members have worked tirelessly to rebuild the organizational culture to positively reflect the values, mission and vision of Phi Kappa Theta. In 2017, Iowa Delta organized its first annual Flapjacks with the Phi Kaps and joined other on-campus organizations in Dance Marathon – both supporting The Children’s Miracle Network. Iowa Delta has a standing size of twenty-eight members and expects to see continued growth in years to come. Congratulations to these men for their hard work and dedication.


Phi Kappa Theta is a national fraternity that fosters five areas of development within its membership: leadership, fraternal, intellectual, social, and spiritual. Currently, the Fraternity has 37 active chapters. The mission of Phi Kappa Theta is to actively develop men to be effective leaders who passionately serve society, Fraternity and God.