Phi Kappa Theta is an opporutnity to be part of something bigger than yourself.


Why Phi Kappa Theta?

As a parent myself, I can recall the challenges and triumphs experienced by my own kids as they decided where to invest their future energies and commitments to their alma maters of choice. Hopefully his choice on where to attend and what to major in will enhance his long term goals of which career field to pursue and become successful at not only with job placement, but self-improvement and personal development.

We, at Phi Kappa Theta, share in your desire to see him become successful and happy in his new collegiate environment. Membership in a fraternity may be of interest to him, perhaps to follow in your footsteps as former collegiate Greek members, or maybe he is just interested in belonging to an organization that sparks his interest. He is very likely to be pursued for membership, based upon his talents and potential role as a future leader within that organization. If he decides to attend a university that contains an active chapter of Phi Kappa Theta, we would be honored to welcome him into our family. We want to become your son’s “Home away from Home” while attending his university.

Let me assure you that our Fraternity Board of Trustees, which include collegiate members, as well as committed alumni, have been very proactive regarding many of the issues you have read about happening throughout the country. Your son’s safety, health, and well-being are foremost on our mind and agenda. Although we cannot continuously supervise each chapter’s operations with respect to their local behaviors, we can address these issues with a proactive approach to minimize and work towards eliminating risky behavior such as hazing, under-aged alcohol and drug consumption, sexual harassment, and other issues harmful to self and others within the chapter. Our Fraternity has historically been known as Catholic-based and inspired. We still share in values promoted by the Church, and want you to know that membership is not based upon one’s current affiliation with any Church, Synagogue, or Mosque. One can be agnostic or a non-believer and still fit in comfortably with our Fraternity.

If your son matriculates to a university with a Phi Kap Chapter, our shared goal is to provide him with all the tools necessary for him to live our Fraternity’s mission of actively developing men to be effective leaders who passionately serve Society, Fraternity, and God, through his development as a Servant Leader, via our life changing programs.

As he goes through formal (and informal rush), please be involved in his decision to affiliate with a fraternity that will meet his personal, professional, and social needs. We are here to partner with him, with you, and the university which he attends in order to meet his goals and would welcome any questions you may have regarding membership into Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. If you have any questions feel free to direct them to myself or the professional staff.

Good luck in your future decisions!

In the Bonds of the Phi, the Kappa and the Theta,


Adrian Gonzalez
University of Texas at Austin, ‘78
Board of Trustees President