Recruitment Boot Camp (RBC) provides chapters, campuses and national organizations with a systematic, results-driven approach to recruitment. RBC is the premiere recruitment program for organizations looking to increase the quality and quantity of members.

They provide fully customized programming in three formats:

  • RBC For Your Campus
  • RBC For Your Chapter
  • RBC For Your National Organization

For more information on how you can provide results-driven programming for your members, please contact Tom Healy, Recruitment Programs Specialist.

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Phired Up Productions, LLC


Phired Up, helping fraternities and sororities grow...

Phired Up is the only company focused specifically on fraternity/sorority recruitment — and they are a proud partner of Phi Kappa Theta. Since 2002 Phired Up has provided unforgettable Training Workshops, game changing Coaching Services, best-selling Books, groundbreaking Research, and countless innovations for the fraternity/sorority movement — all resulting in more people experiencing the life-changing gift of Greek Life.

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Phired Up is making the world better by helping fraternities and sororities attract a higher quantity of high quality members. They teach values-centered, research-based, relationship-oriented lessons to tens of thousands of fraternity/sorority members across North America each year. Visit to learn more about what they teach (Dynamic Recruitment & Social Excellence,) and the fun, engaging, results-driving team at Phired Up.

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