What is Achieve?

Continued self-improvement is part of who we are as Phi Kaps. Achieve is Phi Kappa Theta's multi-step strategic planning tool that allows chapter leadership and individual members to reflect and set the tone for the academic year. As a result of continued pause and reflection, you’ll be able to improve your chapter's developmental culture from year to year.


A Culture of Reflection

Our organizational approach to chapter- and self-improvement includes four steps:

  1. Assess First, reflect on your experiences

  2. Plan Next, identify and set realistic goals

  3. Execution Take action to fulfill your goal(s)

  4. Evaluate Debrief and discuss strategies for further growth.

This portion of is where chapters come to complete the Achieve Assessment each year.

Achieve has been reimagined and ORGANIZed for 2019-2020!

Starting in fall of 2019, we’ll focus on two main administrative tasks that simplify the Four-Step process outlined above:

These two parts will act as book-ends for the academic year

their performance,
PLAN out goals for the year


their progress,
REPORT events and programs

ACHIEVE GUIDE: areas of focus

To make the best of your experience with Achieve throughout the year, we’ve come up with a list of items and areas that typically yield the best results in chapter development.

Chapters that perform the best in any given year focus on…


  • Leadership transitions for new exec teams

  • Tightening up governing documents (constitutions, by-laws, etc)

  • Training on parliamentary procedures

  • Encouraged participation in outside clubs & orgs


  • Quo Vadis facilitation / improvement

  • Associate Member Education refinement and improvement

  • Recruitment alignment and/or workshops

  • Brotherhood events / retreat(s)

  • Increased accountability efforts within the chapter


  • Enhanced ritual exemplification (Initiation, Associate Member, etc

  • Faith and Spiritual Development events

  • Increased access to inter-faith understanding and outreach

  • Modeling positive values on- and off-campus


  • Chapter GPA average

  • GPA placement in all-greek, all-mens, or IFC rankings

  • Academic preparedness

  • Career readiness and life skills


  • Increasing recorded service hours

  • Hosting philanthropic events

  • Increased community impact (on- or off-campus)

  • Campus recognition efforts